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layflat // coffee table

your online gallery has been delivered and you have shared and maybe even printed some of your images, now what?  albums become one of those time capsules that will be picked up and looked at over and over again by you and possibly many others.



an album can be ordered separately or is sometimes included in your wedding package.  albums are designed displaying images only, by me.  albums are designed a few weeks after your online gallery is delivered and can be ordered anytime if not included in your wedding package.  albums are ordered and delivered overseas so delivery time can sometimes be prolonged.  additional copies can be ordered directly from the supplier via a link provided if you would like.


a select few of your favourite images beautifully presented in this hard cover, layflat album.  with your names embossed on the cover, this album elegantly displays your most treasured images.  twenty pages (10 layouts) with a minimum of one image per layout and a maximum of eight images per layout.

coffee table

from beginning to end, this album has it all.  13x11 inches, hard cover with a choice of image wrap or canvas with a dust cover.  premium lustre coated pages present your images like a true coffee table book.  all images (except for very similar images) are used.  unlimited pages.

questions or still confused?  let me know how i can help!